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  • Solar Eclipses are the most powerful and dynamic phenomena in astrology-- they can move continents and change the fate of nations!
  • Each Solar Eclipse has a long-lasting impact on global affairs that can move the markets in significant ways-- creating extraordinary opportunities for profits for savvy astro-traders!
  • The big Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014 is set to shape world events for months to come, creating the kind of stress and extraordinary divergences that can make a huge difference in your personal financial future!

Get the Vital Information You Need for Maximum Profits from the Big Solar Eclipse in April

This hard-hitting special research report from Tim Bost reveals all the key information you need on the dramatic effects of the solar eclipse of April 29, 2014. Once again, Tim's world-famous wisdom in financial astrology brings you unique insights that you simply won't find anywhere else. With the incredible information you'll find in these pages, you'll be ready to turn tomorrow's market moves into profitable opportunities!

This Mammoth New Report Includes A Complete Listing of Eclipse Activation Dates!

Eclipses are defined by a precise alignment of the Sun and the Moon, but their effects typically begin 10 or 12 weeks before the date of the eclipse, and can continue for as much as a year and a half after the eclipse takes place. That's why it's so important to know the exact dates when the eclipse horoscope gets triggered in various ways-- and why this informative report includes a comprehensive listing of those key activation dates.

Here's Why This Unique Publication Is Such An Incredibly Powerful Money-Making Tool For You:

The solar eclipse on April 29, 2014 is much more than a one-day event. It sets up a resonant field that has an enduring impact on geopolitics, economic trends, and price movements in stocks, commodities, and the financial markets.

That's why this book is such a valuable money-making resource-- it's packed with profitable information you can use in the markets long after the eclipse itself!

In its pages you'll find:

  • state-of-the-art astro-trading techniques
  • expert horoscope interpretations
  • dozens of charts, maps & illustrations
  • month-by-month market analysis throughout 2014
  • historical economic & cultural perspectives
  • the countries most impacted by the eclipse
  • strange connections with eclipses of the past
  • precise activation dates for trend changes
  • potential flash points for the markets
  • what's ahead for stocks, Gold, the Yen & key commodities
  • tips about key social and economic trends
  • key stocks for profitable trading opportunities
  • ¬†and much, much more!

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Don't waste any time in getting the full advantage of these remarkable astro-trading  perspectives on the markets....

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    Where Is It Happening?

    This solar eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica, but its influence will be felt throughout the world. Read this in-depth report to find out why!

  • 2

    When Will It Happen?

    The Solar Eclipse will take place on April 29, 2014, but its resonant effects will continue to be felt for many months to come. In the pages of this new monograph you'll find a complete listing of the key activation dates to watch!

  • 3

    Who Will It Impact The Most?

    Although everyone on the planet will ultimately feel the effects of this eclipse, there are particular countries and world leaders who will get the biggest impact, with potential history-making results! Find out who and where they are!

  • 4

    Where's The Money?

    The Solar Eclipse can create major stress-- and major opportunities! This new report fills you in on the financial markets, commodities, and major institutions most likely to be impacted-- and gives you a list of specific stock trades to consider after the eclipse!

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The Sheer Scope of the Money-Making Information in This New Report Is Absolutely Dazzling!

You may think you already know everything there is to learn about solar eclipses already, but once you get connected with the breakthrough information in this new monograph you'll change your mind in a hurry! You'll discover page after page of vital facts and insights that simply aren't available anywhere else. It not only puts you ahead of the curve in keeping up with emerging events-- it can also give you an incredible personal advantage in the markets, too!

  • Month-by-Month Market Forecasts

    By using the power of financial astrology to unlock the impact the lunar cycles triggered by the eclipse, this breakthrough report gives you a monthly look at what lies ahead.

  • Eclipse-Powered Stock Trading Strategies

    You’ll go beyond the theory and the projections to get specific stock trading strategies that can help you capitalize on the eclipse energy in your own stock portfolio.

  • Advance Warnings About Key Global Hot Spots

    Since the solar eclipse can alter the core dynamics of alliances, confrontations, and key events worldwide, you’ll benefit from the unique previews in this report.

  • Vital Perspectives on Futures, Currencies and More

    You’ll get information here that will give you far-reaching master directions for the key currencies, futures, and financial institutions most strongly impacted by the solar eclipse.

  • Precision Trigger Points for Eclipse Activations

    The impact of this powerful solar eclipse isn’t limited to a single day– it goes on for months after the eclipse itself, and you’ll have a complete listing of the times to watch.

  • Unique Market Knowledge That Can Change Your Life

    Although this massive report is packed with interesting information, don’t overlook its power to change your life immediately – put it to work to create the financial future you deserve!

"Contrary to ancient superstitions, eclipses are not uniformly evil. One man's loss is often another's gain, and an eclipse in good aspect to a benefic under good directions can result favorably."

- Nicholas deVore, Encyclopedia of Astrology

Added Geopolitical Insights From An Expert Mundane Astrologer

This new publication takes a step beyond the previous reports in this widely-acclaimed series, with a special section on the global geopolitical impact of the solar eclipse contributed by expert mundane astrologer Jim Cummins. Jim's expertise has proven to be a valuable resource for members at the website, and in these pages he drills into the national charts and personal horoscopes of world leaders that will be in the news in the months to come, because of the big impact of this stunning solar eclipse.

Master Mundane Astrologer Jim Cummins

W. D. Gann Used The Power of Eclipses for Enormous Profits

Eclipses were one of the most important tools used by this legendary astro-traders to amass one of the most spectacular stock and commodity trading records of the first half of the twentieth century!

"Eclipses Tend To Add Energy To Any Activity That Takes Place Near Them"


"Events occurring near eclipses are always memorable.

"They tend to add energy to any activity that takes place near them. These events take on more importance than the same type of event that occurs distant in time from the date of an eclipse."

--Bill Meridian

Bill Meridian

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn In This Exciting New Report On The Impact Of This Amazing Eclipse:

How you can score big trading with eclipses

How a unique eclipse trading strategy pulled in market gains fast

How the path of this solar eclipse impacts an important commodity

How the current solar eclipse will impact key currencies

How you can spot eclipse activations for market turning points

How you can master the most important skill for trading

And a whole lot more!


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