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Tim Bost is an experienced astrologer, an expert on financial strategies, and an acclaimed teacher. When you work with him you truly get the best of the best!

In this extraordinary class Tim goes above and beyond to make sure tha you get the knowledge you need in the easiest, most efficient and most satisfying way possible.

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Each of the eight lessons in this new class is broken down into videos that last just 10 to 15 minutes each, making it easy for you to learn at your own pace and review important information when you need it.

Here's What's Revealed in this Breakthrough Astro-Money Class:

  • SESSION 1: "The World's Fastest Complete Lesson in Basic Astrology"

    You’ll learn about the horoscope, the zodiac signs, the houses and planets in the chart, the aspect dynamics that change the money flow, and a whole lot more, including the Big Secret in Astrology!
  • SESSION 2: Getting What You're Really Worth - Your Personal Relationship with Money

    You’ll explore the astonishing power of planetary motion, your personal values, and the true sources of your individual net worth.
  • SESSION 3: Where's Your Money Coming From? Knowing Where To Look

    Understanding how you can personally receive more money – along with more affection, social acceptance, and other big rewards.
  • SESSION 4: Other People's Money - What To Do About It and How You Can Get Some

    If you truly want to succeed financially you’ll love this session, in which you discover the importance of leverage in expanding your personal wealth.
  • SESSION 5: Taking The Chances You Need for Maximum Financial Benefit

    Here you’ll discover the truth about risks and rewards – if you don’t figure out how to take the right risks, you won’t get the goodies, and your horoscope can tell you how!
  • SESSION 6: How To Change Your Personal Money Habits for Unlimited Financial Success

    If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same results. Here you’ll learn how to get past the static patterns and potential money blockages in your natal chart.
  • SESSION 7: Using Your Personal Horoscope To Get More Profitable Results in the Markets

    Even if you’re not actively involved in trading or investing, you’ll love the powerful insights this session provides. You’ll explore action indicators, the obstacles to trading success, dealing with fear and setting goals, and the emotional dynamics that control the markets and your personal prosperity.
  • SESSION 8: When Will Your Ship Come In? Understanding Your Personal Money Cycles

    Okay, so you can become fabulously wealthy – but just how long is it going to take? This session reveals what it takes to understand planetary transits and the key personal cycles that can time the results you get in your financial life.

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